Lourens Lente



My name is Lourens Lente. As a filmmaker, I combine convincing storytelling with engaging visuals.

Here I show my film portfolio. You can find both my commissioned and my non-commissioned work.

I work as a freelance director, cameraman and editor in Amsterdam and I make promotional films, music videos and interviews. Depending on the project I either work alone or in a team.

If you want to know more about me, go to about me or ring me up for a cup of coffee. Here you can watch my showreel >>

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About me

I’ve always loved the art of filmmaking.

When I was 20 years old, I realized I could turn my creative urges into my work. Although I formally graduated in 2014 in Communication & Multimedia Design (HvA, Amsterdam), I learned most from the projects I initiated outside the classroom. As I surrounded myself with creative and talented people, I made 4 fiction films and started out as a freelance filmmaker.

The projects that I’ve made in eight years time are often described as poetic; made with a great eye for detail and with a sense for socially engaged topics. Doing so, I enjoy challenging myself in every project as a filmmaker.

Besides filmmaking, I’m really passionate about theatre and performing. That’s why I work on my singing and performing skills every Monday at the Selma Susanna theatre school in Amsterdam. Here I can allow myself to truly be in the moment, engaged and connected. With myself, the people around me and with society. I find great value for my filmmaking by leaping over disciplinary boundaries to enrich my creative experience.


If you’re interested in me as a filmmaker or just as a creative human being you can send me a digital letter:


if you’d like to follow me on my creative journey, follow me on Instagram. Or not. That decision is completely up to you.