Lourens Lente

Filmmaker and Artist


My name is Lourens Lente. As a filmmaker, I combine convincing storytelling with engaging visuals.

Here I show my film portfolio. You can find both my commissioned and my non-commissioned work.

I work as a freelance director, cameraman and editor in Amsterdam and I make promotional films, video clips and interviews. Depending on the project I either work alone or in a team.

If you want to know more about me as a person, go to about me or ring me up for a cup of coffee.

About me

I’ve always loved the art of filmmaking, but it was only at the age of 20 that I realized that I could actually make this kind of work myself. So I did. I surrounded myself with creative and talented people and made 4 fiction films.

I finished my Bachelor degree in Communication & Multimedia Design (CMDA) at the HvA in Amsterdam in 2014. However, I’ve learned the most from projects I initiated outside of the classroom and when I started as a freelance filmmaker.

The most important thing I’ve learned as a creative entrepreneur is to teach myself. Being an autodidact creator requires curiosity, motivation and the power to keep on after failing. Being an entrepreneur requires commitment, discipline, and creativity.

Besides filmmaking, I’m really passionate about theater and performing as well. Every Monday I attend classes at the Selma Sussana theater school (kleinkunst) in Amsterdam and I’m really pleased about the things I learn in this school. Besides singing and performing techniques, I learn to be in the moment, engaged and connected. With myself, the people around me and with society.


If you’re interested in me as a filmmaker or just as a creative human being you can send me a digital letter:


if you’d like to follow me on my creative journey, follow me on Instagram. Or not. That decision is completely up to you.