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In the first months of corona I was asked to make a documentary for Freedomlab. I filmed the desolate streets of Amsterdam and we had interviews trough the internet. After this documentary Freedomlab organized a live event in Felix Meritus to present their 4 post-corona scenarios.


FreedomLab is a strategy consultancy, cross-over innovation hub, and future studies think tank. Every month they organize Future Affairs, a college talk about a specific subject. Afterwards the speakers give a summary of what they’ve talked about. I’m responsible for the filming, lightning, sound, and editing.


Fixing the Internet (jan 2019)
With Marleen Stikker, Valerie Frissen, Wouter van Noort, Arief Ernst Huhn

The perspective on the Internet is rapidly changing from a liberator to an oppressor. Major problems as censorship, the dependence on a few liberal tech giants such as Google and Facebook and the resell of personal data are often attributed to the fact that the Internet is in the hands of a small number of powerful companies.

The World through Netflix’ Eyes
With Haroon Sheikh, Wouter van Noort, Roland vd Vorst Taco Zimmerman

Streaming services such as Netflix are well on their way to taking over the role of (public) broadcasters. From journalistic documentaries to politically colored series: they are increasingly being offered by Netflix and competitors such as Hulu (Disney) and Prime Video (Amazon). Soon the Obama’s will even make programs for Netflix. What does the world look like if we only see it through the eyes of these streaming services? And is that a new phenomenon? What political color does the current market leader Netflix have and how does this company determine what we see of the world?


If you’re interested in my work as a filmmaker or just want to connect with me as a creative individual, feel free to send me an email at lourenslente@gmail.com.